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Make Your Tyres Go Miles Further

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As tyre experts, we think it's only right to share our in-depth experience with our customers. That's why we've collected a few tyre tips for you. By following the advice below, you'll find that your tyres will go much further, saving you time and money along the way.

  • Make sure your tyres are always at the correct pressure- refer to your car handbook for more information.
  • Check your tyres regularly for any obvious signs of under-inflation-, wear, cuts and bulges in the sidewalls, plus remove any stones or other foreign objects trapped in the tread grooves.
  • Have the steering alignment checked if front tyres show signs of excessive or uneven wear.
  • Have front wheels and tyres balanced if there are signs of vibration, wheel wobble or patchy tyre wear.
  • Drive with consideration for your tyres by avoiding harsh braking, fierce acceleration and fast cornering.

If you're in doubt about your tyres, don't worry. Just call in to see us and ask for your free, no-obligation tyre check.

When the temperature falls, make sure the grip of your tyres doesn't. Find out more about our range of cold weather tyres. The NTDA recommends 10 year old tyres be checked for damage, wear and ageing.

  • Even unused spare tyres will deteriorate over time.
  • Low mileage tyres on caravans, trailers, classic cars etc can lose condition rapidly even when static.
  • Legal tread depth is 1.6mm but for optimum safety tread should be 3mm.

The signs of ageing can often be invisible to the untrained eye and that's why we've joined forces with the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) to offer you the reassurance of a comprehensive tyre ageing check. But what's the best bit about the Gordons Autofitness check? Well, it's absolutely free. So not only will it keep you safely on the road, it won't bother your wallet.